Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Travel Reviews: London II %

Part two of my travel review of London is here, complete with photos!  My brother & I took so many pictures that it's really going to take me a while to narrow it down to the small few I will put in this post.  I'll pick some of my favorites!  There is so much to share that these reviews can only touch the surface!

The first day, after sleeping in a bit & going to a local grocery store for pastries for breakfast, we went to find the closest pick-up for London's Hop-On-Hop-Off bus tour!  On our way, as the rain started to fall from the sky, we happened upon The Victoria & Albert Museum.  Did you know that all museums in London are free of charge to the public?!  We wandered in & had a wonderful time looking around at all of the sculptures, artifacts, & displays.  There was an exhibit of Grace Kelly's dresses that I would have loved to see had there not been a 2 hour wait!  Nevertheless, we waited out the rain in a lovely place.

I recently watched the movie The Young Victoria, which tells the story of Victoria & Albert.  Albert died young, & for the next four decades, Victoria had his clothes set out every morning & a place for him at the table every night.  So lovely, so heartbreaking.  I was glad I'd seen this movie & learned about Victoria & Albert before visiting London!
After hopping onto our bus, we started to see the sights of the city.  As we approached Harrods, we looked at each other & knew we had to hop off to explore!

Harrods--what a place!  You could spend days in this incredible store!  Everything from equestrian clothing to the most expensive perfume you've ever seen!  Not to mention the beautiful food areas, complete with fresh cut meat sandwiches, sushi, chocolates, & teas!

Have you ever seen such a thing?  Trafalgar Square, my dears.  I have lots of photos from here, but I'm fascinated by the giant ship in a bottle.
Another view of Trafalgar Square, complete with posing children!  How quaint!  :)

We had fun on the top of the bus, seeing all the sights with the wind in our hair!  One of us ended up with lots of tangles!
We had lunch at a cute afternoon tea shop across from Harrods, then hopped back on our bus to see more of London's sights!  We made the entire loop, getting off only at Buckingham Palace, just to make sure that we saw everything!  We made mental notes of the places that we wanted to go back to: St. Paul's, Westminster Cathedral, Big Ben, etc.  There was so much to see, so many shops to explore!

Here's a slideshow to show you some more of our pictures from day one in London!  I hope I didn't put you into photo overload!

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