Monday, June 7, 2010

Mini Coop Marmaduke! Sounds Like Lucius!

Happy Monday!  After a torrential downpour last night with gusty winds {which I loved!  I opened the windows & let the breeze blow through the house!}, we now have clear skies!  11:15am & 66 degrees.  Nice & warm, but not too hot!

I'm sure that all of you in the States have heard plenty about the new movie Marmaduke, but over here in Germany I only heard about it from my Mom!  She told me that Marmaduke is no Lucius!  ...Lucius is better behaved :)

When I went to the movie website to watch the trailer, I couldn't believe my eyes!  Marmaduke rides in a Mini Cooper!  We have a Mini Cooper!  ...little car, huge dog...  It seems so ridiculous, that's why they must have chosen it for the movie!  And's my reality!  How goofy!

Now, if you want to know what Lucius would sound like if he could talk, check out the trailer!  Watch for the part where Marmaduke takes a grilled cheese sandwich off the table & says, "Aah!  Hot Cheese!!"  Now, that's Lucius's voice, I'm sure!!

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