Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How About A Jump?!

Eleven-o'clock in the morning & a comfortable 66 degrees outside.  It's warm enough for me this way!  I like it when it's not HOT.  The dogs are fast asleep on the sofa.  Don's on his way home from work.  What should we do together today?!!

I'm in need of some pure happiness & laughter right about now. No, I haven't yet been able to wrap my head around what's about to happen, but I still feel it there...  I especially can't comprehend the length of time that we're going to be apart.  But how can you possibly understand that when you haven't gone that long without each other before?  I'm so thankful that I'm not going this alone.  Our families are absolutely wonderful, I'm surrounded by other wives who are going through the same thing, & of course I have Layla & Lucius to keep me company :)  I know that it's really going to hit me hard before too long, & I'm not looking forward to that at all.  I'm ready to get it over with, to have the crying behind me, to be coping just fine & keeping myself busy.  For now, as we continue to prep & buy last minute things & pack his bags, Don & I are honestly still so at peace.  And I know where that is coming from!  Thank you, God!

As I was perusing some of my favorite blogs this morning, I ran across a family's photos on the beach, all of which they did cute jumps for!  {Simply Seleta is a great design blog!}  How fun!  Then, at the end of the post, Seleta gave a link to a site showing the work of photographer Philippe Halsman, who made famous the "JUMP" covers of TIME magazine.  Apparently, he ended photo shoots by asking the celebrity to jump!  His theory was that jumping really shows off your personality.  I'd have to agree!

So, to bring you a smile on this lovely Tuesday {& to bring a smile to myself as well}, I'm posting some of my favorite of the celebrity JUMP photos!

Audrey Hepburn, 1955

Brigitte Bardot, 1951
Danny Kaye, 1951 {Time for me to watch The Court Jester or White Christmas!}

Grace Kelly, 1959
How could you not smile while taking these pictures, whether you're the photographer or the subject?!  Maybe when Don gets home from work, we'll take some jumping pictures to make us laugh & smile :)  You should try it too!

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