"Loose Lips Sink Ships"

If you live in the Military world like I do, then you know just what the title of this post means. OPSEC.  Or, Operational Security for the rest of you out there.  This is a very important topic, one that I probably should have written about long ago, but I didn't.  I always kept it in mind while writing on the blog, making sure never to say too much about what Don does or where we are or what his future "vacation" schedule looks like.  I never really considered writing a post specifically about OPSEC, though.  Then, I found the website My Army Wife Life & saw her post on this topic.  It made me realize that it is a good idea to inform my readers about this!  It's a big part of what I do, so why shouldn't you know?!

Basically, OPSEC means protecting important information about the military.  The Internet is an incredible thing & provides an amazing way to stay in touch & to share our thoughts, but it allows anyone to read this information, even people who might use it in a harmful way.  If I'm ever vague about what Don is doing, this is why.  As much as I hate to say it, we are a country at war & we all need to do our part to make sure that our troops have what they need & that they are protected!  I enjoy writing about my experiences as a military wife, but my husband's safety always comes first.
Here are the ten rules of OPSEC, in basic terms:
  1. Don’t discuss current or future destinations/ ports of call/deployment bases.
  2. Don’t discuss current or future operations or missions.
  3. Don’t discuss current or future dates and times of exercises or missions. 
  4. Don’t discuss readiness issues and numbers. 
  5. Don’t discuss specific training equipment. 
  6. Don’t discuss people’s names and operations. 
  7. Don’t speculate about current or future operations. 
  8. Don’t spread rumors about current, future, or past operations or movements. 
  9. Don’t assume the enemy is not trying to collect information on you; he/she is. 
  10. Be smart, use your head, and always think OPSEC when using email, phone, chat rooms and message boards.
If you are privy to any military information, please remember these guidelines.  No matter where you are, someone could be listening.  No matter who you tell information to, it could be repeated.  No matter where you post information, it could fall into the wrong hands.  I don't live in fear that someone is always eavesdropping on me, but I do live in a scary world & I want to make sure that I don't let anything slip!  I love our soldiers & all that they do for our great country.  Let's do our part to keep them safe :)

So, if you wonder why I don't go on & on about my husband's job, now you know.  There's a good reason!  Thanks for reading this, & please... make sure that you don't have loose lips!
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