Sunday, June 6, 2010

Side By Side Sunday

Wow!  Summer has officially arrived in Germany!  7pm & 81 degrees.  Too bad Germans don't have air conditioning!  Grr.

Happy Sunday, everyone! I hope that you all have had a relaxing & enjoyable weekend with your families! For many of us here, we're eating up every moment with our families {& especially spouses!} as we prep for some time apart.  A lot of time apart, in fact...  But let's not think about that!  The bags are packed & I'm doing my very best to keep a smile, not tears.  God, keep helping me!  I need You!

After the week-long rain storm, it's so nice to finally have some sunshine!  It's been perfect for some long walks with the dogs, grilling steaks on the patio while drinking some beers, & sitting side by side on the bench enjoying just being that close, even if there's nothing to talk about.  Maybe that's when it's the best, really.  When you know each other so well & have already shared your thoughts, when there's no need for talking anymore.  Yep, that's when you know you're in love, when the silence is lovable too ♥

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