Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shame On Me %

Today's post is not at all what I told you it was going to be... No London photos here, only a few quick thoughts & some pretty pictures to hold you over till I find the time to really sit down & write a good London review!  I've been spending my days really relaxing with my brother, going to the gym, sending boxes to Don, etc. etc. etc.  It's been nice!  And although I probably spent as much time writing this as I would have spent writing about London, well...whoops!

Oh no!  Not another day without my London review!
Today was one of those days.  For those of you who've gone through a deployment, you know what I mean.  Some days, you wake up with a smile on your face & the energy to conquer the world!  Other days, you wake up to see the emptiness in your bed & your day just seems to continue on that way.  The emptiness in your house, the emptiness during your drives in the car, the emptiness on the sofa, the emptiness in the kitchen & at the dinner table...  You can't put your finger on just what causes this loneliness except that, well, your husband is thousands of miles away fighting in a war.  Yes, that is reason enough to cause these feelings...

Oh, I'm awfully sick of this deployment thing...
Thank goodness that my brother is here to keep me company!  We've been making yummy dinners {or going out for them!}, watching funny movies & TV shows, reading, & lounging with Layla & Lucius!  And oh, hooray for technology that allows Don & I to be able to talk almost every day, even for just a few moments.

So, since many of you dearies commented on my last post about the new Twilight movie, *sigh*, I feel I must give a little review!  To be short & sweet, I'm not wild about these movies.  To me, they're a dumbed-down & cheaply made version of the books...complete with bad acting.  I don't know what it was about this one, though, because I didn't think it was too bad!  The quality seemed better, & the acting wasn't as cheesy!  Now, it was still a Twilight movie, don't get me wrong.  But something about Eclipse made me want to *gasp* re-read the books!  Comments, anyone?!  And as a side note...oh my goodness, could Carlisle's hair be any more blonde?!

Tomorrow is Tuesday--Travel Tuesday!  So I will have to start my London reviews then!  C'mon, Amanda!

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