Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too Many Photos, Too Little Time!

Bare with me, my lovely readers. I have so many photos from my trip to London, Salzburg, & Munich that I need some serious time to organize them all before I can decide which ones to share with you!  Tomorrow, I'm hoping to really start my London reviews!

We're enjoying some very nice, cool & rainy weather here in Bavaria.  It's a much welcomed break from the 90 degree temps & no air conditioning!  Phew!  Plus, my lawn is loving it too!

Tonight, my brother & I are {somewhat shamefully} going to see the new Twilight movie.  I read all the books before there was even a whisper to the public about the movies, so I'm a bit prejudiced.  Have you read the books?  Seen the movies?  What do you think?  ...Me?  The books are way better.  An easy & somewhat ridiculous storyline meant simply to entertain!  An easy beach read!  All this chaotic hype & craziness surrounding the actors is insane...  Wow!  I don't really feel that the movies are that good, but it is fun to watch them...  I guess all teenage girls have to be obsessed with something?!  Team Jacob!  *oh boy*

Happy weekend, lovelies! 
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