Monday, January 10, 2011


This morning seems to have the makings of a nice day. I'm sitting here with a plate of scrambled eggs with cheese & one of my favorite Prague coffee mugs full of wake-me-up goodness. The dogs followed me downstairs & then promptly went back to sleep, close to me. The sun is starting to come up outside & I can even hear a bird chirp once in a while! It's a miracle that the snow has been melting the past few days, & I could just jump for joy at the sight of clear roads & ice-free sidewalks! Hooray!

And on top of that, I received a blog award this morning from Sara @ Le Petit Village! How sweet!  Irresistibly Sweet, actually!  Thank you so much, dear!  I'm adding it to my awards page promptly!  And to my list of reasons why this morning has been good :)

And to carry on the sweetness that this award has brought to me, I now pass it on to the following wonderful blog owner:

Chantal @ A Blog A Day While You're Away:  You can guess what Chantal & I have in common!  Except she lives in sunny Hawaii while I'm here in snowy Germany!  But we're both {im}patiently awaiting our husbands' return this year!  You're doing great, girlie!

On top of all that, today starts month 8 of this deployment.  MONTH EIGHT!  The thought of being this far along seemed so unattainable when we were first beginning this unhappy 12 months apart.  But now here we are!  And although the end seems an eternity away, I know we'll be there before we know it, looking back on the year & wondering how quickly time went by.  Or at least I hope that's how it will be! 
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