Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Locked Myself Out. Smoking Washing Machine, What's Next?!

Sorry I didn't write yesterday, I was dealing with a few strange things: I locked myself out of my house Sunday night, & then while doing laundry yesterday, my washing machine started smoking & the room filled with its stinkiness!  What a bizarre 24 hours!  But, with the help of a lovely neighbor friend, I got back into the house & consoled my worried dogs who thought someone had been trying to break in!  And tomorrow, the Hausmeister will be here to look at my stinky washing machine.  My fingers are crossed that the craziness is all behind me now.  I just need to find a good place outside to hide a spare key . . .  I like this guy!

I might be doing laundry the old fashioned way for a while.  But...let's hope my machine gets fixed {or replaced!} quickly!

Have any of you ever locked yourself out before?  Ooh, it's awful.  Do you hide a key now?!

And I'm curious to know if your washing machine has ever gone up in smoke...  Mine leaked too!  It's now sitting in my pretty pink laundry room, unplugged & away from the wall.  And still stinky.  Yuck!
This week's Saturday Around The World blog party ends tonight, so make sure you've entered for a chance to be this week's Featured Blogger!  Wahoo!
And I haven't forgotten that I promised to tell you about my awesome shopping experience from last Saturday! I'll post it tomorrow, pending that nothing explodes or floods in my house :) Think...crystal factory!
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