Friday, September 10, 2010

Knit Me Busy!

Welcome to all of my wonderful new readers! Thank you so much for stopping by & deciding to follow! I'm flattered! Please, make yourself at home :)

A few days ago, I stopped in at the craft shop on Post to see if I could figure out what to buy to start my first knitting project!  With the held of a saleslady there, I got just what I needed: two balls of yarn {one hot pink, one red, white, & blue!}, two pattern books {one of washcloths, to start, & another with beautiful blankets, one of which my Mom made for me & is now in our living room!}, & a set of three plastic child's "learning to knit" needles!  Yes, I thought that would be a decent way for me to begin also!  So, after my shopping trip, I came home to watch YouTube videos on how to knit, & now I'm proud to say that I'm already done with about 1/4 of my first washcloth!  I've got the knit stitch down to a t, but we'll see how the fancier stitches turn out when I'm done...  If there is no pattern, then I need to practice more :)

My Grandma, who passed away earlier this year, did a lot of knitting.  I remember one of the last things that she told me: "I'm sorry that I can't knit blankets for your babies."  I keep thinking about that, about how sweet & wonderful she was.  I want to be able to carry on the things that she did!  Knitting reminds me of her.  I suppose that's one reason that I'm enjoying it!  Also, it keeps my mind busy.  Hooray for that!

I have visions of knitting a big, bulky, cable knit afghan in a Celtic knot pattern!  {A bit like this one, perhaps!  From Knit & Knag Blog}  How beautiful would that be?!  Oh, it's nice to have another project to keep me busy!

What are your crafts or hobbies that you enjoy?!
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