Monday, March 29, 2010

I Will Miss You, Grami

My Grandma was an incredible woman who kept a spunky attitude no matter what she was going through! I'm going to miss our talks, our shared bottles of Guinness, her cute clothes {especially the little purple nightie I always told her that I liked, which made her grin!}, her wonderful baking, & her hand holding mine. I love you bunches, Grami ♥

She passed away Saturday morning, comfortably in her sleep, at the incredible age of 90 years old. All of her children were with her. I'm very happy for this.

Her life wasn't always easy, but it was incredible.  She lived through the Great Depression & her husband fought in World War II.  Her stories, when she chose to speak of them, were amazing.  Her heart, though stubborn at times, was always filled with sweetness, love, & spunk.

When I was younger, I of course didn't know her well since we lived 12 hours from her home.  But as I have grown up, I've seen a side of her I never knew.  And I believe she opened up to me more also.  I feel we had a connection since my husband is in the Army just like her husband was, my Pampi.  And boy, did Grami think that Don hung the moon!

She loved drinking tea, baking {delicious bread!}, reading good books, keeping plants in her home & garden, watching the birds, & being with the ones that she loved.  I remember that she did a very difficult crossword puzzle every morning, full of complicated words, some of which I didn't even know!

Here I sit with a cup of English Breakfast tea, a slice of her pumpkin bread, & some bottles of Guinness Extra Stout in the fridge, one of which I drank last night & I thought of her with every sip.  I look into the kitchen & see African Violets on the windowsill.  If you went upstairs, you'd see my philodendron, a plant she had kept in her home for years.  All around my home are books, books, & more books.  I am my Grandmother's Grand-daughter.

I love you, Grami, & I will miss you so much.  You are an incredible woman, & I learned a lot from you.  Whenever I think about you, a big happy smile always comes to my face ♥
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