Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Life In A Movie & Mr. Cage's Castle

Why, look at that.   I have new readers!  Thank you, dears, for stumbling across my little blog & for deciding to stick around to see what I do next!  It's lovely to have you! 

My brother & I had a kiddie-type afternoon yesterday & went to the on-Post movie theater to see Marmaduke!  Oh, it was so cute!  As I laughed my way through the movie, I kept whispering to John, "This is my life!  This Is My Life!!  hahaha!"  We even have the Mini Cooper!  {I don't let the doggies ride in that car, though...  But they would look great with their heads out the sunroof!}  The movie creators' had the Great Dane mannerisms down to a t, from the way they lay on the sofa to the way they like to play to the way they act like scared little babies!  It was so cute.  I must confess, the movie made me a little bit teary too.  The sweet family moments made me miss my family, the head of this  household, my hunny.  But it was sure nice to come home to my very own Marmadukes.  I do think mine are even cuter ;)  Oh, & I still believe that Lucius would sound just like Marmaduke {er, Owen Wilson!} if he could talk!

How true this is!  The secretary at the Vet loves it when Layla sits on my lap in the waiting room.  We are pretty cute!
{ Images from Marmaduke Explained & In My Community }

On another note, I'm sad to report that we were not able to find Nicholas Cage's former Bavarian castle.  It's currently a private residence, so of course I couldn't find an exact address!  As we drove the Mini from one little town to another, we did know the name of the castle, so that helped!  We saw a sign with the castle's name on it, so up we drove onto the top of a hill that the sign pointed to, but when we reached the top, well...  I saw someone peeking at us through the curtains, so we figured we'd better turn around & look for castle number two!  But we knew Mr. Cage had been where we were!  Oh, celebrities & their castles.  I don't need a castle to feel like a Princess, though!  Don does a good job of that right here, even when he's thousands of miles away :)

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Enjoy your day with your families, your loved ones, your pets!  Never take for granted the fact that your sweeties are right there by your side.  It sure isn't easy when they have to go away for a while.  ♥

Time for me to walk the dogs!
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