Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Daddy Doll, Visit's End, & Dinner

The Army provides "Daddy Dolls" during deployment times, little ACU wearing soldier dolls that you can put a picture of Daddy's face in to make it look like him. It's such a cute idea, & when I was at a meeting on Post recently, sitting in front of a bag of these dolls that needed to be taken, I thought to myself, "Self...Layla & Lucius would like these!" So, I took home two.

Needless to say, they are a big hit!  But we're ready to have our real Daddy home!  Oh, & don't worry...I didn't put Don's face on these dolls; that would have just been strange!

My brother left today.  I hate goodbyes.  His five week visit with me was wonderful, though, so I can't help but smile even though he is gone!  He spoiled me, he censored any news on TV for me, he took me out to the movies a lot...  Basically, he was the wonderful brother that he always has been :)  What a blessing it was to have him here to keep me busy & happy!  I love my brother!  And as I drove 130 MPH on the autobahn to get back home, I kept wishing that it could be just that easy to get home to Colorado--to hop in the car with the dogs & a suitcase & know that I'd be with family when the drive was over!  The Ocean in between us does pose a bit of an issue, unfortunately.  It sure will be nice to be with family for Christmas!

As Lushie sticks his head into the closet hoping for another 2 cups of food for dinner, he also reminds me that I need to eat.  So off I go for my first dinner alone in 5 weeks.  Wish  me luck!  I may cave & just warm up a Lean Cuisine, as lame as that is...  And I know I will curl up & watch an episode of Leverage, wishing my brother was here to join me!

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