Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cupcakes & Prayer

This is my mantra for the evening.  And I remember it while I'm reading too, thanks to my lovely sister!  ...I'm doing so much right now to keep myself busy & to keep my mind off things.  {I was a good girl, though.  Some friends got together to watch Dear John, & as much as I would have loved the fun, I knew the movie was a bad idea for me...  Good girl!}  I've cleaned every shelf & tabletop on the first floor, I've pulled grass from between the tiles on the back patio, I've sorted through old mail, I've run around playing with L & L, who are now fast asleep at my feet.  Now, I just need Don to call.  Oh, how I love you, baby!  I'm praying for you always & missing you bunches!  C'mon, Skype.  Ring!  ♥

And I'm in luck! I went to a sweet Baby Shower this afternoon & the hostess had leftover cupcakes! So I have a delicious chocolate cupcake with butter cream frosting sitting in my kitchen, complete with a pink baby's feet candy topper.

I love the power of prayer.  Just as I was about to publish this post, guess who called?  :)

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