Monday, August 23, 2010

Wishlist: Sparkly A For Amanda, Please!

Here is a late-night {well, on German time!} find that I have to share with you all: the British based Alphabet Bags!  Alright, you may have already seen these {they've been all over the press!}, but little old me just stumbled upon them for the first time!  Now, this idea is quite simple, but it is the simple things in life that make it worth while, right?  And who wouldn't want their initials sparkling across the front of a cute tote?!  My dilemma is this: would I get a bag for my first name's initial or my last?!  Either way, I'd of course choose the glitzy diamante!  Yumm!  How does yours look?!  Oh, how lovely!

Cute, aren't they?  Makes me almost wish I was back in college so that I'd have books to tote around every day!  And in case you don't want your bag to showcase your initial, Alphabet Bags also sells darling totes in other designs!  And snap purses too!

And at 12:30am, I'm off to bed with a sewing project completed: a Tiffany-blue curtain for my powder room window!  Hooray for late night projects :)  Hope that you all had a marvelous weekend!
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