Friday, April 9, 2010

My Parents Are Here! ...Off We Go!

My parents are here! Oh, how happy my heart was to see them come through the Arrivals gate at the airport!  And isn't it wonderful that no matter how long you are away from your family, as soon as you are back together it feels as though no time has passed?!  It's so easy & comfortable right from the get-go.  Ah, family.  I missed you!

Layla & Lucius have two new best friends.  They played all night & snuggled lots too!  Layla usually barks at "strangers" so much that they probably don't even want to come into the house!  But she didn't do that with my parents!  It wasn't until they'd been here about 45 minutes that she barked {a teenie bit!} at my Dad.  Silly girl, she knew by that point that he was nice!  Then, of course, she put her head under his hand & gratefully accepted all the petting & sweet talking that followed.  Lucius was Dad's constant play buddy, bringing him his favorite heavy-duty ribbon {which used to be part of a braided toy that my Mother-In-Law sent!} & beginning a game of tug-of-war.  My Dad was so sweet; he re-braided the ribbon.  I think this just made Lucius like him even more!  My parents are fans.

Well, I won't be writing for the next few days because this morning we head on our wine trip!  It's going to be so relaxing & yummy!  The drive will be gorgeous!  And we're planning a few little trips around there, too:

Bastogne, Brussels.  The Battle of the Bulge took place here, & my Dad's father fought in it during WWII.  What an experience it will be to visit this incredible place.

Trier, Germany.  The oldest city in the country, founded on or before 16BC.  As you can see, there are many Roman ruins here.  We are definitely going to make a stop & check it out!

Worms, Germany.  Most famous for Martin Luther's stand against the Catholic Church in 1521.

So tell me...what are your plans for the weekend, dear readers?!  I'll be back to posting on Tuesday...unless, that is, we have another busy day planned!  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
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