Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beautiful German Window Boxes

The sun is shining & it is a beautiful 56 degrees outside! The entire house is vacuumed, mopped, & dusted {even the porch!} & all the windows are clean! Mom & Dad will be here tomorrow! I just need to go to the Commissary {Army grocery store} & get a pretty orchid for the Guest Room!

G ermans really know how to beautify the outside of their homes. In the Spring & Summer, window boxes full of pretty flowers can be seen on nearly every building you pass.  Pinks, reds, blues, whites, purples...  It's gorgeous!  And cheery!  And I'd like some, please!!

I think it's still a tad early to plant these window boxes, but I've already decided just what I want.  Pinks.  All pinks!  And I have room for 5 window boxes, so the house will practically be blooming!  I'm thinking about using geraniums or possibly the flower I see used most often here in window boxes...if only I knew what it was called!

Take a look at some photos of beautiful German Window Boxes!

From GettyImages.Com

These are the flowers I was referring to!  Beautiful, aren't they?  I love the way they drape.  Does anyone know what kind they are?

The Three Images Above From Flickr.Com

What are you looking forward to for this Spring & Summer?!
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