Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Walk With The Dynamic Duo

It is a beautiful day!  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, & thanks to our nice walk this morning, Layla & Lucius are passed OUT!  Here's to an already productive day.

You know! L & L. Layla & Lucius. Our two adopted Great Danes! A combined total of 240 pounds of fun! :) Here are some pictures {& a video!} that I took during our walk this morning. They are so good for me when we go on walks, & they love to be let off their leashes so that they can run & play! We live in a wonderful location with plenty of walking trails & open fields nearby, making it a great place to live if you own dogs! Or, if you like to take nice walks! Some people run back there, but not I. Maybe a jog on a good day :)

Lucius usually just stares at Layla while she does her crazy woman running, then he braces himself as she makes her approach!  He used to stay at my feet all the time when we were out, but now he's becoming more adventurous!  Layla is still much faster than he is, but he's catching up!  They're definitely best pals!

 This is one of our favorite fields to walk to.  Nice & open, no distractions from the road or walking trails.  Perfect for us!

 Layla sure is movin'!

 Watch out, Lushie!  Here she comes!

 Handsome Lucius showing off his Dane drool.

 Are we going home now?  I'm exhausted!

...And so, back to the house we went.  We were out for an hour, a beautiful sunny playful hour!
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