Monday, April 5, 2010

Next Up: Wine Country!

14:45 in Germany, still wearing this morning's workout clothes, a chilly gray day outside but cozy & warm inside.  Layla's asleep on her bed by the back door, Lucius is asleep at my feet.  Keeping busy today staining the wood on our patio, cleaning bedrooms, & doing laundry.  Wonder why I'm sprucing up?!

I am so excited! My parents are arriving this week for a nice visit!  All four of us are looking forward to it!  With all my Mom has being dealing with recently & with my Dad staying busy at work, we're going to start the trip off with a relaxing 4 days in the Mosel River Valley, home to Germany's best wines, especially the Riesling.  This is my Dad's favorite, so staying in this area will be a real treat for him!  I did a lot of hotel searching, as usual, & am happy to say that I found a fantastic one!  It's on a Riesling Vineyard, the rooms are beautiful {& a good price!} & the hotel has fantastic reviews on TripAdvisor {my guide for finding all our hotels!}...

Photo From PhotoShelter.Com

The Mosel River starts in France & flows through Luxembourg, Belgium & Germany before joining up with the Rhine.  The area is well known for its simplicity, peacefulness, cobblestone towns, picturesque castles, & of course its wine!  The landscape is apparently breathtaking, with so many vineyards lining the steep hills that make up the Valley along the Mosel.

The Vineyard we are staying on dates back almost 2,000 years & the family's involvement there dates back to 1156!  We're definitely going to book a wine tasting during our stay, hopefully along with many others at nearby vineyards too!  Mmm!

I'm really happy that we've decided to travel here instead of our previous idea to go to Amsterdam.  After looking for hotels there & planning our visit to the Keukenhof Gardens, I came to the conclusion that it's probably going to be a zoo up there!  Many hotels were booked {& pricey!} & now is the best time to see the Gardens, meaning lots & lots of tourists.  As much as I want to look at all the beautiful flowers & especially the tulips, I'm not in the mood for pushing through crowds & waiting in long lines.  Amsterdam, you'll have to wait!

I've never visited a wine region before, so this is going to be a first for me!  Don toured many vineyards when he was in Chile a few years ago, & he loved it!  I'm excited to see what it's like.  Have you stayed in a wine region before?!
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