Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Morning, April! Let's Travel.

7am in Germany: Here I sit in my nightshirt, an empty cereal bowl beside me along with a hot cup of Cafe Du Monde coffee, the birds chirping outside as the sun comes up, my dogs fast asleep on the sofa.

Where has the time gone?  April already?  What happened to March?  Or February, for that matter!  Is it true that time seems to go by faster as you get older?  It must be, because it sure is flying by to me!  But I'm looking forward to this month & all that it has in store for me.  My parents are arriving next week for a 2 week stay with us, & I can't wait!  I'm planning a trip for us up to Luxembourg, Belgium, & the Netherlands & I'm especially excited to visit the Keukenhof tulip garden outside of Amsterdam, the largest of its kind in the world!  Fields upon fields of beautiful bright color!

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While my parents are here, I think we'll also do some daytrips to Prague, maybe Poland for some Pottery or the Mosel River Valley region for some of my Dad's favorite white wine!  How do you choose?!

If you had two weeks to spend in Europe, where would you go?  What would be at the tip top of your list?!

On another note, it looks like my new comment form is working great!  And CommentLuv too!  It's pretty neat, don't ya think?!  Thank you all for your comments!  I've had quite a few new readers lately & that has put quite the grin on my face!

Now, get out there & enjoy the first day of April!  ♥
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