Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Curtain Pictures Long Overdue!

I completely forgot about the pictures that I took of my new curtains!  Bad me!  So, here they are, long overdue!  It's hard to get the light just right, so sorry!  {The curtains are from IKEA, & you can see my previous post about them here.  IKEA is quite the place, by the way!  I'd never been until we got here to Germany, & I sure think it would be a fun store to visit in the States where I can read everything & converse with the employees instead of just pointing & using a lot of hand motions!  Aah, America.  And I've even heard that a new IKEA is being built in my home state of Colorado.  Woohoo!}

 And I've just now realized...I haven't taken pictures of our bedroom now that the new curtains are up!  Shame on me; I told you all I'd do this weeks ago!  Feel free to shake your finger my way in shame!  To hold you over until I get those photos posted, here's a cute one of Lushie as well as one of both the dogs & Don on his birthday!

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