Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rewarding My Commenters!

So, as I've perused some of my favorite blogs recently, I found a little thing called CommentLuv.  Basically, how it works is this: if you have your own blog, CommentLuv will put a link to your most recent blog post right underneath any comment you leave here on my blog!  That way, it's easy for anyone who reads that comment to check out your blog!  Pretty neat, huh?!  Then, you get something out of commenting too!  I really enjoy reading all of your comments {thank you!} & I wanted to do something that would help promote your blogs.  So here it is!  Test it out!  Give 'er a try :)
Let me know what you think of it & how easy it is for you to use!  You shouldn't need to sign-up for anything in order for this to work, so it should be a piece of cake!  I hope that you like it!  And if I hear back from you all that it's too tricky to use, I can always revert back to the old tied & true comment form :)

Psst - For some reason, the comment link that usually shows under each Post Title isn't there for this one...click here to comment on this Post, & hopefully I'll have this all ironed out soon!  Thanks, Meg, for your help!
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