Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aren't These Cute?! Happy Easter!

Don & I were looking up the origin of the Easter Egg the other day, & I saw a Vintage Easter Postcard on the page.  I always seem to be drawn to all things Vintage: furniture, movie posters, travel posters, even music.  But I'd never really considered postcards!  Why not?!  They're just a smaller version of the posters I like!  But anyway...

I saved the one from Wikipedia, shown to the right, & thought I'd do a quick search to see what others I can find.  My goodness, there are a lot!  I saved way too many to show in one post, so here are some of my favorites to get you in the Easter mood!  And if I can't show enough today, I'll post some more throughout the weekend!

I think that a set of these would be so neat to frame!  I found some websites selling them, & the prices were all under $5.  Wouldn't they make unique pieces?!  You could do the same with postcards for other holidays & rotate them throughout the year!  Hmm... :)

Click each image to view it larger. 

Postcard 1} From Finland
Postcard 2} Unknown
Postcard 3} From 1913
Postcard 4} Printed in Germany, 1908
Postcard 5} From Switzerland

Aren't those wonderful?!  And there are oh so many more!  Should I post a few more of my favorites throughout the weekend?!
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