Friday, March 19, 2010

Stitches? They're Out!

Lucius is all done!  It's been 9 days since his surgery, & even though it wasn't always easy afterwards, he's hung in there & been such a good sport!  We just got back from the German Vet where his stitches were taken out! He was very brave, er, tried to be... As soon as we were told to go into the room, he got scared & then had three sad accidents on the floor. While one nurse cut out his stitches, another nurse & I held Lucius, talked to him, & kept him calm. He still shook like a leaf, though. Poor sweetie!

Now, 4-5 more days of continuing to keep him calm & that'll pretty much be it! I'm so happy to have this taken care of & to have the hardest part behind us! Even though we had to spend a lot & take him off-Post, it's been worth it.

Here he is! He was so cute while he slept last night that I tip-toed across the room to get my camera & snap a quick shot.

AND, you can see my curtains in this picture!  They look great, huh?!  I'm so happy with how they turned out!  I had to hem 20 inches off of them, & I think I'm going to make pillows & a table runner {if I have that much fabric!}

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