Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back Where We Belong: Together

Man, I haven't written in a while! Sorry about that, everyone. But there have been more important things in my life lately that I'd rather pay attention to than sitting down in front of the laptop!

Don came home from the field a day early!  It was wonderful!  He texted me Saturday morning basically saying, Don't get your hopes up, but we might be home tonight!  Of course, I planned my day according to him coming home that night, staying busy finishing up all the things I wanted to get done before he arrived.  And I pretty much accomplished it all!  Good thing, too, because he was ready to be picked up from Post at about 6:30!

I drove through the Bavarian countyside, Shania Twain turned up loud, singing along with a smile on my face to songs about love love love!  The way I felt reminded me of when Don & I were dating long distance, seeing each other for maybe one weekend a month.  The butterflies in my stomach knowing that I would see him soon.  The constant silly grin slapped across my face.  And yes, after parking the Mini in Don's Battery Headquarters parking lot & waiting for him to come out, when I finally saw him, I hopped out of the car & ran to him for a big hug & kiss!  Had it really only been two weeks?!  It felt like much longer than that, & boy was it good to be back together!  And he'd even stayed true to his "out in the field" tradition of growing a little mustache..."Just for you", he says with a grin.

His birthday was Sunday the 21st, & we spent the day relaxing together, snuggling on the sofa, & eating good food!  I made brisket with homemade BBQ sauce, rosemary & garlic potatoes, & yummy salad, & German Chocolate Cake.  We even had Champagne!  It was a good day.  And he had Monday off, which was fabulous!

Isn't it neat that when you are so in love, there is no need to go out each night?  No need to go to parties or clubs.  Just being together, wrapped in each other's arms, watching TV & talking about your day is all that you need!  And all that you want.

I'm so glad that he is home!  {The photo is from our trip to Prague last May.  Although you can't see where we are, it's one of my favorites of the two of us!  We were standing on the Charles Bridge, & it was gorgeous!}  I hope that you all had an equally enjoyable & lovable weekend!  ♥
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