Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Surgery For Lucius

Lucius was neutered today, & he is being such a trooper!  For a puppy {ok, he's 115 pounds, but he's still an 8 month old puppy!} who was so scared to step on the scale at the Vet that he had a little accident, he really has been brave today!  Especially since there were some unusualities with his surgery which required them to go into his tummy :(

Lucius has been acting pretty much the same as Layla did when she was spayed, except for one thing: while Layla was pretty much sleepwalking, Lucius had trouble moving even an inch!  The poor boy didn't want to get out of the car when we got home, & after at least 5 minutes of trying to get him out & actually had to practically pull him.  I kept thinking, "If only I could just pick him up & carry him inside to his bed!"  But there was no way that was going to work!

He finally made it inside & I was able to get him to lay down on his favorite rug, right by the front door.  After seeing him shivering, I covered him up with his blanket.

Tomorrow, we go back to the German Vet to have his IV taken out, then back after 10 days to have his stitches removed.  The German Vet that I took him to was wonderful, setting a surgery date less than a week after I called!  This was perfect, considering that it was going to be at least 6 months until they could neuter him on Post!  I couldn't believe it, but they told me they only do four a month!  Wow!  But at the German Vet, they spoke perfect English & were oh so sweet to my scared little boy!

I think he will be back to his normal sweet self before long, especially since he has two mommies here looking after him!  Layla is being so motherly!
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