Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time For Curtains! Loving These.

As we creep up on the 1 Year mark of living here in Germany, there's one big thing that I still need for the house: curtains. Now, don't think that all my windows are bare! They're covered! But the living room & master bedroom have only sheer white panels, & I'd really love to have something more! I'm hoping that a future trip to IKEA will solve this!

I'm not the wall painting type of gal {except for my laundry room, which I went a bit wild in with hot pink paint!}, so curtains really add that punch to my rooms.  I tend to stay safe when picking the fabric, though.  Creams, beiges, whites, you get the picture.  But I sometimes see pictures with more interesting fabrics & I think, "That is awesome!  Why don't I pick things like that?!"  And the fact is, when you know you're going to be moving around as much as us, you tend to play it safe hoping that you can use what you buy no matter where you live!  But I think the simple truth is this, something my Mom told me ages ago: Buy what you like!  And if you always do that, your sense of personal style will always be present in your home, & those pieces will always go together -- because they're you!  How true!

Here are a few pictures that I just love for their curtains...  Okay, & maybe I really like the rest of the rooms too!

What a cozy bedroom!  Except that the blue in our bedroom is more of a Tiffany blue, the color scheme is a lot the same!  Plenty white, dark wood furniture...

Mmm!  This room reminds me of a beautiful wedding cake!  White, creams, soft yellows...  This is definitely my style.  I would love curtains like these in our bedroom.  Think IKEA has silk curtains for a good price?!  Wishful thinking...

Now, here is the blue that is in our bedroom!  Our bedside table lamps, which I got from my Mom for a wedding shower gift {she new that I oohed & aahed over them when I saw them @ Crate & Barrel!}, are the blue in the room, but it's a small room.  So I think the curtains need to be kept a relaxing color!  That makes the lamps stand out too, as they should!

I think I've found my new favorite color scheme for a nursery: pale pink, gray, & white.  So girly, so classy!

I've had these past two photos saved at my Photobucket account for months, if not longer.  There's something about them that I just love!  Solid color fabric, but they bring so much to their rooms!  Those shown in the last photo are actually a pale coral color, one of my new favorites!

If I'm remembering correctly, this is Simply Seleta's bedroom!  I maybe wrong, so don't quote me on that!  But ooh, I love these curtains.  Would I ever be bold enough to buy them?  I'd hope so!

Gold is quickly becoming m favorite accent color.  It used to be silver, but gold seems so much warmer.  And paired with these creams & pinks?  Lovely!

Photos From DecorPad.Com & Simply Seleta

What would your "perfect" curtains look like?!  Big bold patterns or soft solids?
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