Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lucius the Trouper!

Look at our cute little guy!  Isn't he adorable?  I took this quick photo for my brother, who asked me last night to take a new photo of Lucius for him!  And it turned out so cute that I had to post it here also :)  Lucius, my itty bitty sweet Great Dane, is about 115 pounds now at 8 months.  He's healing up very nicely from his neutering surgery {you may remember that it took place last Wednesday, so it's been almost a week!}

He had a very strange reaction to one of the shots that had me turned into a very worried mother, though!  On his right side, just below his ribs, there was a very hard bump about the size of a clementine orange!  {That's the first thing that came to mind!}  It was hard as a rock & I could actually grab onto it, not that he liked that much.  I called the Vet, who told me about the reaction to the medicine being a possible reason for this, & decided to keep my eye on it before taking him in.  I even put ice on it!  That didn't make Lucius very happy either :)

In a few days, it had changed shape to resemble almost a triangle, with a pointed end.  So bizarre!  I was concerned!  Then, last night after coming home from a great trip to IKEA, I saw a pink blob right where this bump was!  I immediately thought the worst, that he'd somehow been punctured!  I rushed Layla to her kennel so that I could take a closer look, & it turned out to be pink puss....  Sorry for the visual!  The Vet said I could bring him in, but I figure that'd be another €20!  So I let nature take its course, & all seems well!  Whatever needed out, well...it's out!

He takes after me with his reactions to medicine & shots, I suppose!  But as we speak, he's laying at my feet chewing on a toy, happy as a clam!  And from this photo, you wouldn't know he'd been through anything tough in the last week :)  I love my Lucius!
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