Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We're Going To Live In Auerbach! :)

Here are some pictures of the town that we will soon be living in!  Isn't it cute?!  Old downtown buildings, restaurants, shopping...   Yay!

We went to the Housing Office today & found out a bit about where we are going to live!  The town is called Auerbach, & it is about a 25 minute drive from the Rose Barracks here in Vilseck.  We will be living in Government Owned housing, probably like a townhouse, but in a German town.  We are so glad we will be living on the economy & not on post!!!  We know a couple who is also living in this type of housing in Auerbach, & they love it!  So we're very excited!  Tomorrow, we will be visiting the two places that we can choose from.  They are both ready to go, but we will stay at the Krystall Inn until Don finishes his in-processing.  And as soon as he is done....  We'll Move In!  :)

Also, we are going to take our driving test (written) on Thursday.  It will be so nice to finally be able to get around on our own!  Don has been looking around for a car to buy soon.  A lot of the soldiers who are leaving Germany are selling their car that they bought here, since you can't ship a car back to the US unless it is made to US specifications.  Most of these cars are quite nice (BMWs, Audis, Volvos, etc.) but selling for a low price because of the situation.  We'll have our own place & our own car before we know it!

It's been rainy the last few days that we have been here, & we have heard that is the normal weather for this time of year.  I actually kind of like it, so long as we're not out walking in it for too long :)  Also, there have been gobs of fighter jets flying over post today, which I gawk at most of the time!  haha

We've stocked up our room with food (we only have a fridge, freezer, & microwave), & we wish we could go out to eat at some local restaurants, but that will have to wait until we have our own car...

Love to you all!  ♥  Write us anytime at all!