Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Drivers License Test For Me... / Our New Place!

Well, it looks like I won't be getting my German Drivers License today after all!  Don & I studied a lot last night & the day before, learning our German road signs & driving rules.  We've got it down, I'm sure!  Woke up at 6am this morning to get ready for our test, which started at 7:45.  Had breakfast, did a quick review, & headed over to the Drivers Testing building just to come to find out that only Active Duty Servicemembers are allowed to take the test on Thursdays...  So I will have to wait for Tuesday's testing.  *sigh*  Oh well, at least Don will get his license today & we will be able to rent a car & get around on our own!  We've even found a few cars to look at that might be possible buys!  Plus, we can go back to Auerbach & look around some more :)  But until Tuesday, no driving for me...

So yesterday, our sponsor, Mark, drove us to the town we are going to live in to look at the two townhomes we've been offered!  Both are in the same building, one in between two others & the other on the end of the building, sharing only one side with another townhome.  They're pretty nice!  Government Housing, so our rent & all utilities would be paid for, which is nice!  Also, any furniture we might need will be provided, along with a washer & dryer & all kitchen appliances.  There is a good sized yard - not huge, but big enough, with a little stone tiled patio, grass yard, & a nice tree!  Plus, the yard for the townhome on the end is a bit bigger than the others :)  The building & a few others around it all have military members living in them, but these buildings are in the middle of a German neighborhood.  So we would definitely stil be getting the local culture :)

It is three floors, 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with a good sized kitchen, plenty of storage space, living room/dining room, & two rooms on the upstairs level that could be made into another little bedroom or office or storage.  The laundry room is also on the top level.  There is at least one fairly big window in almost every room (even the kitchen, Mom!).  The ceilings sure aren't our vaulted ceilings from our Lawton apartment, but they're just fine.  The room sizes are smaller, & there are no counters in the bathrooms, but I'm learning that is the German way :)  All in all, it seems to be in good shape!

We know that it isn't likely that we'd get so much space if we went through private rental instead of taking the Government Housing.  Those around here who go through Private Rental usually end up with the second floor of a local home, sharing the building with the family who is renting the space.  That wouldn't be bad at all, but we sure wouldn't have so many rooms for visitors to stay in!!  :)

We've weighed the pros & cons of each option, & we have decided to go with the townhome on the end of the building.  Good location, lots of space, feels like a home & not just an apartment.  Plus, I know we can make it cozy & have it feel like our place!  And Don & I are very ready to have a place to call home, a kitchen to cook in, & a yard where we could soon have a puppy :)

Yesterday, we checked out the library here on post (not too big, but very well done!  There's a Book Swap room where you can leave & take books as you please, lots of computers, great sitting areas...), the big gym on post (awesome!  Lots of machines, clean, classes!), & even a Tex-Mex Restaurant & German Kantine!  haha  We are loving it here so far!  And it will just get better from here on out!

Love to you all!!  ♥