Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Around The World!

Woohoo! It's Saturday & I've remembered to post a "Saturday Around The World" for all of you! And for me too, because I have fun seeing where my readers are from & getting to peek at your blogs while I'm at it!  :)  It's a nice Georgia morning here as I sit sipping coffee from a Czech pottery coffee mug that we bought in Prague.  *sigh*  I wish that I could really travel today!  Where would you go?!

How To Travel!

1} Be a follower of {Amanda & Don}.

2} Add your wonderful blog to the list.

3} Visit two blogs & leave each a comment saying 1} that you're visiting from "Saturday Around The World", & 2} where you are writing from!

4} Leave me a comment here letting me know what two blogs you visited & where the writer of each blog is from!  You're now entered for a chance to be my Weekly Featured Blogger!  I'll write up a little review of your Blog right here for all the world to see :)

5} For an extra chance to win, mention Saturday Around The World in your next blog post & leave me the link in a comment!