Friday, March 23, 2012

Georgia Heat

Right now, we're having an absolute downpour! And I love it, along with the crashing thunder! Oooo! But until tonight, our weather has been plain old hot & humid!

I'm talking 88 or 89 all this last week! So hot that the dogs seek shade whenever outside (even at the dog park!) & a cute little frog has taken up residency in my cool mailbox. Much to my surprise the first day I found him! ...oh, & the flowers? Just a little something I did inside today to stay cool :)

And to's not even April yet. Thank goodness for American air conditioning!! Why so many Europeans go without it, I'll never know...

Back to my popcorn, chai, book (American Assassin by Vince Flynn), & rainstorm! Goodnight!

(And thank you all for your comments lately! After my long hiatus, I'm surprised that I still have readers! Thank you! And tell Mr what I do that somehow keeps you coming back!)