Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On The Edge Of Your Seat...

I bet you have no idea when I'm going to write next...because I sure don't know! I've become a bit of a stranger to Blogger, but...maybe that adds to my charm? :)

Georgia is HOT. And it's only just April. I have never been this tan at this time of year. And with this little effort! (By tan, I mean not so pasty. Ok, actually...I'm kinda tan! Wahoo!) I'm not a shorts kinda girl, but I've been in em every day for a few weeks now! So...I'm tan AND brave :)

I met a great girl from here who recommended a salon downtown & it is fabulous! Got the best haircut I've had in years, plus a shellac manicure. Have you tried these yet? I feel guilty about the box of regular polish under our bed, but shellac can't be beat!

Don was gone for a bit, but is now home again, putting me all back together! Life in Georgia is getting better (& hotter) all the time!

Thanks to those of you who participated in the Saturday Around The World blog share! I'll pick one of you randomly to be my Featured Blogger! (Oh my, on my phone, that came up as Featured Booger! Good thing I've had my coffee so I can pay attention! Bahaha!)

Gotta go clean now! My brother-in-law & his lovely girlfriend are coming for a visit today!

Happy Tuesday!