Friday, March 4, 2011

Very Very Far Under The Weather

I know I've promised to regale you with tales of my recent travels to tropical Hawaii, but my little body has been too busy at the doctor's office lately.  Remember the cold that I was trying to get over mid-January?  Well, whatever it is that I caught just won't let go.  I've had x-rays taken of my chest & had blood work done, & still my doctor is mystified.  And on top of that, my heart will not stop racing.  My blood pressure is consistently through the roof!  *thump, thump, thump*  Did I mention that I haven't had blood drawn since I was little?  And that I was very nervous?  And that Don was oh so proud of me :)

I shall imagine myself here, listening to the waves & letting my body concentrate on getting healthy again!  What a place, the Cliffs of Moher!
Also, I think that I need to make myself some of this Chicken & Garlic Soup.  Garlic is, indeed, very good for battling illness...& keeping away vampires :)  Perhaps now is the time to devour this dish, since Don isn't home to force mints on me afterward!  Oh...oh, actually I bet he wouldn't mind, especially if it made me feel better :)

And so, until next time, keep yourselves healthy so that you don't end up far far deep deep under the weather like me :)  You may hear from me again before long, now that I think about it.  I'm under strict orders not to leave my house unless it's entirely necessary.  Perhaps I shall blog from bed!
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