Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shooting @ Frankfurt Airport: OPSEC, Ladies!

Today, a man from Kosovo got onto a military bus full of Air Force servicemen sitting outside the Frankfurt, Germany International Airport & opened fire, killing two of the Airmen & wounding another two.  My heart breaks for the families involved as well as each incredible military member who was on the bus.  How terrifyingly scary our world is.  How scary is always will be.  How awful that our troops are targeted throughout the world.  And so, to all my fellow Military Spouses & family members, please do your part to keep our boys safe!  Operational Security is a serious thing!  When it comes to ALL information regarding troop movements, keep your mouth shut!  Speak in code.  That's my tactic.  And make it tricky.  Use family birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc. to tell family members about your soldier's travel dates.  Never mention anything that a stranger could figure out.  Never.  And if you can't mention this info in a coded way, don't say it at all.  Don't even email it!  This may seem silly or extreme, but it's critical.  OPSEC.  Shhhh!

 Let's bring all our brave men & women home safe, up to their very doorsteps.  ♥ 

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