Monday, March 7, 2011

Take Me Away!

I'm still getting over this bug, so I've been doing nothing but knitting & watching TV, sleeping & eating comfort foods, taking medicine & drinking lots of water :)  Oh, & snuggling with my constant companions, Layla & Lushie!  They are my little nurses.  Okay, not so little!  I really think that they can tell I'm not feeling well.  They've been very sweet & caring!  Dogs are such smart sweethearts ♥

A few little links for my fellow knitters:

Soaking up the sun in style!  How cute are these chairs?!
The mis-matched look of this bed makes it so invitingly cozy, don't you agree?!

Doesn't this just make you *smile*?!
Enjoying the stillness, Miyako Island, Japan
I hope that these pictures brought a smile to your face & took you to a pretty place for a while! Happy Monday, everyone!
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