Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beautiful Blooms

Is it warming up at all where you live? Is the sun shining? Is the grass starting to turn green again? Well, here in Germany we've been getting all of that! For the past few days, at least :) It's made me dream of summer's gardens, fresh flower bouquets, & warm afternoons spent reading outside, followed by dinner outdoors on a candlelit patio!  And best of all, this summer, Don will be home!!  ♥

Peonies + Weddings = Beautiful Summer!  {From Emmaline Bride}
The last two images from A Diary of Lovely

I feel relaxed just looking at this serene backyard set-up!  {From Room Envy}
Dreamy!  {From EverythingFab}
Happy Thursday, everyone!  I hope that this week has been treating you very well!  For me?  There has been a lot of medicine, a lot of tissues, & a lot of sleeping.  But I think I'm starting to feel better!  And I'm certain about one thing: my body does not like Prednisone!
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