Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Followers?! Saturday Around The World!

It's been a while since we've TRAVELED! Are you all ready?! Fix yourself your drink of choice, & perhaps a delicious croissant or toasted bagel as well, & get ready to visit some fabulous new blogs! Who knows where you'll end up! The Eiffel Tower, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Great Wall of China, Laguna Beach, a Giraffe Reserve in Africa?! Like I said...who knows! :)

How To Travel!

1} You must be a follower of {Amanda & Don} to participate.

2} Click the link below to add your wonderful blog to the list.

3} Visit two blogs from the list & leave each one a comment saying that you're visiting from Amanda & Don's "Saturday Around The World", & where you are writing from!

4} Leave me a comment here letting me know what two blogs you visited & where the writer of each blog is from!

5} Anyone who enters their blog without leaving their comments or being a member of {Amanda & Don} will not be considered for the weekly feature.  And we don't want that!  :)

6} For an extra chance to win, mention Saturday Around The World in your next blog post & leave me the link in a comment!  I made a cute button for just this!  You can find it ----> right over there in my sidebar!  Just copy the HTML code into your post's HTML sheet!

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