Monday, March 14, 2011

Cables & Danes!

Well, the title says it all! Here are a few pictures I took today of the Cables Coming & Going blanket that I'm knitting on right now, along with my two Danes, Layla & Lucius!  The blanket is coming along nicely -- a little over 5 feet wide & about two feet long so far.  Bad thing is, I'm almost halfway through my yarn!  Looks like I'll be making another purchase from JoAnn!

Fellow Knitters: What's your project right now?  I'd love to see!  Plus, I'm working on my pattern collection ;)

We've been enjoying some unusually "warm" weather here in Germany.  We've even reached the 50's!  Miracle!  Can I plant flowers now & put down grass seed for my torn up yard?  I wish.  It's almost Spring, though!

Hope that you have had a lovely Monday!  Any big plans for this week?!  ♥

The coloring in this photo is really more accurate than the previous two.  The colors are dark.  It would fit well in an old wood-paneled library, with a cup of tea & a very good book!
Thank you to everyone who's participated in this week's Saturday Around The World blog par-tay!  Even I got a few new followers out of it!  :)  HELLO, newbies!!  Anyway, you have one more day to add your blog & post your comments!  Then, I shall pick this week's Featured Blogger! 

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