Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The One-Piece? J. Crew's Done It Right!

Have you been noticing what I've been noticing? More one-piece swimsuits & less bikinis! Now, we all know that the bikini is here to stay, but her sister the one-piece is giving her a run for her money!! I've seen the funky one-piece with the sides cut out, the halter, the strapless, the low back...but these new beauts from J. Crew definitely made me stop & look twice! I love the femininity of the first one, the flirty-ness of the second, the care-free & fun loving nature of the third, & the downright classic look of the fourth.  If I had to pick my favorite, well...I couldn't!  ...Could you?!  Or are you a bikini gal foreva?! 

Well, one thing is for certain: I'm ready to spend time at the beach!!

And since I have you in the fashion mood, why not check out some more great summer looks from J. Crew?

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