Monday, March 21, 2011

Knit A Lavender Sachet Heart!

Wouldn't these Lavender Hearts make adorable little gifts? Mother's Day, Birthdays, or even a Just Because!  You can use up some of your scrap yarn & then fill these beauties with dried lavender, one of my favorite natural scents!  Or fill it with your favorite scent?  What scent would you choose?!  No matter what, these are super cute!  I even read someone's comment saying they could be made into an adorable mobile for a Baby Shower!  Cuuute!  ♥

Photo From Skein Queen
Two variations on the pattern above, all from Ravelry:
These little hearts are so cute when strung together for a garland!  I have visions of nurseries with this one!
Pay only £1.00 GBP for this pretty pattern that is made in one piece, not two!  { Image from WildFireFibres }
Please let me know if you decided to make some of these!  I'd love to see pictures of the finished product!  And if I make some, I will certainly share!  ...As long as they look decent, of course!  ;)  Happy Monday!!

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