Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blessings Over Battles

Sometimes, I let the weight of the "battles" around me play too big a role in my day to day life.  My husband is still away in Afghanistan, my wonderful family that I love is across the ocean in Colorado, my dogs aren't always so well behaved, I haven't been feeling well at all lately...  But Amanda, you need to stop & count your blessings!  I have to remember to let the things I'm thankful for be foremost in my mind, not afterthoughts.  Sure, we all have struggles, sometimes daily, but we mustn't let them take charge! ♥

Today, I Am Thankful For...
  1. The sunshine

  2. My husband's continued safety downrange ♥

  3. My incredible family that lets me know I'm loved, even from thousands of miles away

  4. The fast approaching end of this deployment {hoorah!}

  5. Good books to keep my mind busy & knitting projects to keep my hands busy

  6. The companionship of my two wonderful dogs.  Everyone's dog has bad behavior sometimes, right?  I just have the Great Dane sized version once in a while.  { To my fellow Military Wives with four-legged companions: have you ever seen a change in your dog's behavior when your husband deploys?  My Layla has become insanely over-protective of me, our house, & our yard.  I hope this stops when my husband returns! Any advice?! }

What are you thankful for today?!  Happy Thursday ♥

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