Monday, January 10, 2011

Your Favorite Romances, Please!

A year without my husband & I'm craving wonderful romances. The movie genre, that is. Netflix gives me such a great selection to choose from, but the problem is...I've run out of ideas! Do help me out.  What are some of your very favorite romantic movies?  Help this lonely wife add to her Netflix Queue!

 {The wonderful Pride & Prejudice, Roman Holiday & Australia.  Some of my favorite romances!}

Next Day Update:  Thank you all SO MUCH for your wonderful wonderful suggestions!  My Netflix Queue is looking oh so romantic now, thanks to all of you sweeties!  I can't wait to see the movies I haven't seen before!  I'll be sure to post about my favorites :)
And on a nerdy note...  I've had a bit of a commenting snafu the last few days.  As you've probably noticed, I use IntenseDebate for my comments here on the blog & not the standard Blogger commenting form.  {I like this because it allows Comment Luv, which shows your latest post title whenever you comment!  So awesome!}  However, the last few posts have, for whatever reason, decided to revert back & forth between the two!  So half the comments are with Blogger & the other half with IntenseDebateBasically, if you don't see your comment here, have no fear!  I did receive it {& love it!}, but I haven't figured out how to show both comment types at once.  I think I've fixed the problem, though, so all future comments will be with IntenseDebatePhew! 
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