Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, Peonies! You Are My Favorite!

My Mom has so many peonies bushes in her yard -- white, light pink, fuschia...  And every Spring when they put out dozens upon dozens of buds, I get so anxious for the day when I can go outside on a beautiful Colorado day, barefoot & armed with a pair of scissors, to cut myself a bouquet!  And a few for around my parents'  house too, of course :)  When it was time for my wedding, I quickly chose to have peonies in my wedding bouquet, as well as my bridesmaids', & they were cut from my Mom's yard special for the occasion :)
Without a doubt, peonies are my favorite flower.  No matter the color!  What is your favorite flower?  Is there a particular memory that you associate with it?

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