Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Whisk Me Away!

You wouldn't believe the snow we've been getting here in good old Bavaria. Snow, snow, & WAY more snow. It hasn't stopped for over 30 hours & boy is it piling up! I've shoveled three times today, for at least an hour each, & my work is covered up before I know it!  Needless to say, Mom & I haven't been to any of the Christkindlmarkts yet.  Boo!

As I was shoveling tonight, one of my American neighbors asked our German neighbor when the snow was going to stop!  Our German neighbor laughed & said, "I think...never!"  How right he is.

This isn't a photo I took... I found it here & it was taken in Sweden...  But this is pretty much what it looks like outside my window!  I think I swept a foot of snow off my Mini today -- & that was just today's accumulation!  It is beautiful though...

But wouldn't it be fun to be here?!  I bet this Victorian beauty has some cozy reading nooks & window seats, perfect with a good book, snuggly dogs, some of these chocolate chip scones & a delicious drink!  And look...no snow to shovel!

And while I'm dreaming, I'd also like to have my husband home for good, please ♥

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