Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mom Is Here! Crystal, Knitting, Cookies & More!

Hello, all! Sorry you haven't heard a peep out of me in a few days! I've been having fun with my Mom! Hooray for family! The night she got in, we had quite the snow storm. Her flight from Frankfurt was two hours late, & the others for the day were all canceled! Eek! What is normally a 35 minute drive back home turned into a two hour drive! Needless to say, I've been shoveling snow & we both bundle up when we leave the house. But it sure is pretty in this German winter wonderland!

We spent time yesterday shopping at the nearby Nachtmann Crystal Warehouse & Outlets {I got pieces made for Vera Wang, Tiffany & Co., Waterford...amazing!}

I made twelve dozen chocolate chip cookies {from scratch, of course!} to send to Don & his Company in Afghanistan!  There were 144 dozen total that were made!  How fantastic!

We ate dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant...that is run by Germans.  What a world we live in!

And for all my fellow knitters out there, we found The Irish Hiking Scarf.  I think we'll go get supplies to make this today.  Isn't it beautiful?!

Hope you all have been having a productive & lovely week!  Can you believe it's December?!!

Photos from TinyWhiteDaisies & Fath, Hope & Love

No Saturday Around The World this week.  I still need to do my write-up for last week's Featured Blogger!  Was it you?!!  :)  Come back to find out!  And thanks for joining in on the fun!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!  ♥   What do you have planned to make you smile?!
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