Friday, November 19, 2010

Candlelight Night

Don't you just love the flickering light of candles in the evening? So relaxing & sweet! While I was home in the States, my Mom introduced my to "flameless" candles, which operate using LED lights but produce a realistic flicker -- & the candles are actually made of wax, & scented too! {Target had so many!}  How fun! A nice alternative to buying new candles each month...just pop in new batteries! Now, I know this sounds a bit tacky, but you should see them for yourself! And my favorite part: you can set the candles on a timer so that they will come on at the same time every day! Tonight at 6 PM, one by one my candles came on! Lovely...

These candles are great, too, because you don't have to worry about ruining any decorations placed around the candles, such as...Christmas ornaments!  How cute to fill a hurricane or large candle vase with pretty little things without having to fear that they'll be ruined by the heat or wax!  ...I'm too excited :)

I'll never stop using real candles, of course, but I've put my flameless timer candles in hard to reach places, & on they go on their own!  Mah-velous!
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