Friday, November 19, 2010

Another Quiet Morning

I did better with my sleeping last night! Didn't wake up until 5:45, & that really was an improvement! Can't wait to get rid of this jet lag! It's no fun waking up before the sun, being unable to go back to sleep, & wandering downstairs to sit in a quiet house! Layla & Lucius aren't even awake yet!  But I'll get back into the groove of things before long :)

Time to make my coffee & get myself ready for the day!  I need to restock the kitchen & do some cleaning, not to mention take care of all my plants that died while I was gone!  Sad face....  Oh well, I know that I have a nap waiting for me this afternoon & a sweet phone call from my hunny tonight!  ♥  We're almost halfway through this wretched deployment!  {I'm so proud of him, but I am awfully sick & tired of being apart!  Grr.}

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