Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back in Germany, Hello Jet Lag!

I'm back in Deutschland!  And after passing out last night around 7:30, I've now been wide awake since 3 AM!  Uuuggghhh, jet lag.  Do I get up this early or try to go back to sleep?!

My flights were easy & I even was able to sleep for four hours on the long one!  This was a big deal for little old me who usually can't catch even a wink of sleep on a plane!

The excitement started when I hopped in our old Beamer to go pick up Layla & Lucius.  It was dead as a doornail after not being driven for almost two weeks while sitting out in the bitter cold.  I tried to jump it, but the thing is goooone!  Needless to say, I hopped into the Mini {which needed a fill up on gas} & went to get the dogs.  You should have seen me in there with my two Great Danes!  Goodness gracious.

I had such an awesome time at home with my family!  If it weren't for the dogs, I'd have no reason to come back here.  I would have stayed until May!  But it would cost an arm & a leg to ship them to the States...or to board them here for that long!  So back to Germany for me, missing my family & my sweetheart.

The key is to stay busy.  Like I've been doing for the past 5 1/2 months.  And I'll be back in Colorado in a month for Christmas!!!!!!!!  It's so nice to have things on the calendar :)

I'll be posting regularly again now!  Thanks to all of you for your patience!  I hope you've been doing GREAT!  ♥
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