Monday, September 20, 2010

Waiting Day

It's been one of those "waiting days". You know the kind. You seem to spend the day waiting for it to be over.  It's a good thing that some of my days are busy so that these type don't come around too often!  I did accomplish quite a bit {for one thing, I made this delicious Pumpkin Gingerbread!}, but right now I'm laying in bed with Lucius asleep at my feet, snoring & keeping my toes warm :)  Don should be calling soon!  And I do need to eat dinner...

I don't get upset at myself for days like this.  I think anyone going through a deployment will have them from time to time!  The thoughts of, "I have 8 months, what am I going to do today while I wait for my hunny?!"  But the key is to stay busy, have projects to turn to, & never lock yourself up in the house!  The time really is going by fairly quickly.  My doggies help with that :)

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